Thomas Tallis
by Jessica Swale
15th - 23rd November 2019
~ Directed by Hannah Leonard ~

A portrait of the life of one of Britain's most successful composers set against the tumultuous political backdrop of the renaissance. Living under four monarchs, each with radically differing views on the Church, Tallis was forced to adapt his compositions to suit their religious demands, but at what cost? In Swale's vividly imagined play, we follow the contrasting fates of Tallis and a young priest, from the dissolution of the monasteries through Mary's bloody reign, via encounters with a young Elizabeth and the mysterious Dr Dee, to their dramatic conclusion. With creativity, duty and morality all at odds, he must find a way to continue to compose.

Singers: Anne Crowther, Heather Ferguson, Orla Kennedy, Christina Raven, Rachel Thomas, Andrea Graves, Catherine Henderson, Libby Mountford, Mary Powell, Colin Eldred, Jan Palmer Sayer, Jane Prince, Richard Prince, Peter Twitchin, David Boarder, Paul Durbin, Maurice Newman, Des Turner

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Paul MortonThomas Tallis
Harry HardingPriest
Des TurnerHenry VIII
Ashleigh HarperGirl
Loretta FreemanQueen Catherine
Christina RavenSinger
Christopher WallaceCommissioner
Owen Freeman-HowellEdward VI
William BarnesEdward VI
Jan Palmer SayerMrs Prest
Des TurnerDr Dee
Ashleigh HarperBethan
Loretta FreemanJoan
Christopher WallaceAttendant
Jan Palmer SayerMary
Ashleigh HarperElizabeth
Christopher WallacePlasterer
Christopher WallaceGuard
Martyn LeonardEdward VI
Derek PalmerStage Manager
Andrew CoystonLighting
Sheila GrimmantProps
Shelagh MaughanCostume
Lesley WallaceCostume
Assistant LightingAndy Howell
Theo BerkhoutSound
Tony MasonSound
Carole ElphickMusical Director