The following auditions are currently scheduled:

Flare Path

by Terence Rattigan
directed by Mel Powell

Playing Dates

Friday 8th to Saturday 16th June 2018
(8 performances)

Audition Dates

Sunday 11th February 2018 at 2:30pm at The Little Theatre
Tuesday 13th February 2018 at 8pm at The Little Theatre

Flare Path is an emotional rollercoaster written and set during World War Two. The action takes place in a small rural hotel near to an RAF bomber station over the course of a single night whilst we wait for the aircrews to return from a raid over Germany.

It is a wonderful ensemble piece for ten actors playing characters from a cross section of wartime society, which switches effortlessly between comedy and pathos, and with the usual Rattigan stamp of characters being unable to articulate their true feelings until it is perhaps too late.

The story focuses on a central love triangle, but there is plenty to get your teeth into in all the characters. Most of the aircrew and their wives were originally written as being in their twenties or thirties, but I am very flexible about this and am much more concerned about getting the relative balance of the cast correct.

Scripts can be obtained from Mel on 07971 112549 or at

If you can't make the audition dates please contact Mel to arrange an alternative.

The Characters

Flt Lt Teddy Graham Daring, boyish and popular skipper of one of the bomber crews, recently married to Patricia.
Patricia Graham Attractive, elegant ex-actress, recently married to Teddy, but still in love with Peter Kyle.
Peter Kyle Fading (English) Hollywood movie star. Smooth, urbane, well spoken. Older than Patricia. Creates quite a stir.
Doris Sparky and spirited ex-barmaid, affectionately known as “The Countess” on account of her wartime marriage to Count Skriczevinsky. Has misgivings about whether the Count truly loves her. Fantastic character role.
Count Skriczevinsky Polish officer and bomber pilot, and butt of much humour on account of his poor English. Escaped to England to fight after his first wife and his son were killed by the Nazis. Polish accent. Could be older than Doris.
Sergeant Dave 'Dusty' Miller Uncomplaining cockney tail gunner in Peter’s crew. Brave. Physically small. Married to Maud.
Maud Miller Unlike Dusty it would be generally wrong to describe her as uncomplaining. Hardworking and tough, bombed out of her home in the blitz, works in a laundry. Great comic role.
Mrs Oakes Fantastically dry-humoured proprietor of the hotel, who is not impressed by Peter, or indeed by anything very much. Loyal to the servicemen. Older.
Squadron-Leader Swanson Avuncular head of the RAF station. Older.
Percy Teenage waiter and pot-man who is RAF mad, and who idolises Teddy.